Bizarre Bubonic Plague

Bubonic Plague Begins To Reimerge As Two People In China Become Infected


Christen Walder, Staff writer

Two people in China are being treated for the bubonic, or more commonly known as, the Black Death plague. This is one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, and it has been detected in the region.

The patients in China were diagnosed with the pneumonic plague by doctors in Beijing. According to CNN, “the patients are currently receiving treatment in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, and authorities have implemented preventative control measures.”

According to USA Today, Chinese health officials called the risk for further infections “extremely low.”

It is not the first time in very recent history that China has dealt with cases of plague. In 2014, the city of Yemen was sealed off and 151 people were placed in quarantine after a man died from the disease. The bubonic plague continues to pop up in rural areas of the US, including Southern Colorado, Northern Arizona and Southern Oregon.

According to The Guardian, “the plague typically spreads to humans who have handled an infected animal or who have been bitten by a flea hosted by an infected animal. However, in the case of pneumonic plague, it can be spread when an infected person coughs. This plague is highly contagious and is fatal if not treated quickly with antibiotics.”

From 2010 to 2015, there were more than 2,248 cases that were reported worldwide, including 584 deaths, according to the WHO.

With this plague having infected close to 50,000 human cases during the past 20 years, the plague is now categorized as a re-emerging disease