From Having Everything, To Being Behind Bars

Former NFL Wide Reciever Arrested on Burglary Charges


Antonio Brown’s mugshot from the night of his arrest.

Justin Artz, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, January 28, former star wide receiver; Antonio Brown was arrested on burglary and battery charges. Although he assaulted an innocent truck driver, a Florida judge released Brown from house arrest on February 1. This isn’t Brown’s first time making headlines lately though. In October, he was released from the New England Patriots. This is the third team to release him due to bad press/ disrespect. Many are still surprised by Brown’s decision to rob someone, despite being very wealthy.

“Honestly there is something mentally wrong with Antonio Brown,” said sophomore Terrell Wilson. “For someone to have it all, and then just continue to have a downward spiral is ridiculous in Brown’s case.”

Brown was involved in accusations announced by his personal trainer back in September. She came out explaining all the sexual misconduct actions Brown had done towards her. Once the accusations arose, Brown was released from the Patriots. Brown has not played for another team since.

“I think at this point, Antonio Brown should just stay away from the NFL, he’s nothing but trouble and causes unnecessary controversy,” said Wilson.

During Brown’s court appearance, he told the judge himself that he regretted his ill-advised actions. Even though he admitted he was wrong, Brown still refused to apologize to the truck driver that he assaulted.

“I think that it’s crazy how Antonio Brown went from having everything last year, to being in jail for robbery this year,” said senior Aden Wheeler.

As life continues to move for Antonio Brown, he is going to have to do his best to remain out of trouble if he ever wants to be able to start his 10th season of his career.