Gabby Petito Case Updates

Updates on Gabby Petito‘s disappearance.


Madisyn Dorko , Staff Writer

Gabby Petito, a van life influencer, was reported missing on September 11th, 2021 while on a months-long cross-country road trip with her fiancé, Brian. Brian, who was the last person to have seen her, is currently invoking his 5th amendment right to not self incriminate. This was shortly after he returned home alone in her van, not saying where Gabby was. Since then, he himself has gone missing after telling family members he was going on a hike. His whereabouts are unknown at this point in time.

Human remains that were consistent with Gabby‘s description were discovered, with a strange memorial-like set up of rocks in the shape of a cross surrounding the body. The remains were sadly confirmed to be Gabby on the evening of August 27th, and the family was immediately alerted. They remain with an abundance of questions, and the grief that every parent dreads. 

With Brian missing, not much information about what could have happened to Gabby has be obtained. Only small details about Brian have been uncovered. However, Brian’s car was found abandoned with a note from police, telling him to move the car. The car was identified as his and was immediately taken in for investigation.

Odd information about Brian’s whereabouts have been found, though. With social media being as advanced as it is, not much can be hidden or kept a secret. We now have tiny details like Brian updating his Spotify playlist. As well as him accidentally starting a live video on one of his Instagram accounts, which only showed a body of water while he appeared to have been recording from a boat. 

Police have officially issued a warrant for Brian‘s arrest. He is charged with use of an unauthorized device after he had spent over 1,000 dollars on a debit card that did not belong to him. This leads many to believe that he was using Gabby‘s card, and this evidence can be used against him in the eventual case against him for Gabby‘s murder.

Updates to Gabby’s case are coming every day and will continue throughout the week. It could take quite a long time for Brian to be found as there isn’t any evidence to his whereabouts currently. It’s important to hear what says happened in order to get a clear understanding of whether or not he is truly responsible for the death of his fiancé. Not much more information can be obtained until Brian is questioned.