Green Salamander Going Extinct

Understanding Green Salamanders

Green Salamander Going Extinct

Jade Little, New writer

The Green Salamander is going extinct and its population is down to 53 salamanders left on Earth when last updated, according to wild life steward.  It is unclear how many are in the wild currently, what we do know is that the female salamanders can lay up to 15 eggs.

There is a myth about the Green Salamander. According to, there is a myth is that claims a single green salamander can poison all the fruit on any tree by climbing over the fruit on the tree. There is also another myth about the green salamander which can apparently live in fire and even put a fire out. Due to this, some people thought the green salamander was a threat, so people started killing them when they came across one, bringing the Green Salamander to extinction.

Let’s understand the Green Salamander and some of its defense mechanisms. To start, they have two defenses mechanisms, the first is that they have neurotoxins from glands along their back, and they can spray toxins predator to protect themselves. The other defense mechanism is their color; the bold, black, and yellow coloring is their warning to predators that they may be poisonous, the colors can very.  Finally, the Green Salamander is a part of the Salamandridae family and is the largest member of it, usually around 15-25cm in length, and can even grow up to 30cm in some cases. Due to their smaller figure, they tend to hide in shaded forests in logs and small crevasses.

With this in mind we can only hope that these eggs can be protected so that they can go replenish their population.  You can help save these amazing creature by signing the petition linked here.