Multiple Cars On Fire After Man Left Grill Under his Vehicle


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Police at the scene, pictures taken during and after the fire.

Kayla Myers


On Sunday September 11th, almost a dozen cars were set on fire after kickoff during the Dolphins vs. Patriots season game opener. Most fans were already in the stadium when the fire started, but smoke could been seen from inside the stadium, and tires popping from the north east parking lot could also be heard.

Not many people were aware of the fire until the charred remains of the cars were seen in the parking lot of the Hard Rock Stadium, located in Miami Gardens, Florida. “WVSN reported that 11 vehicles caught fire in the parking lot. Firefighters spent about a half hour putting out the blaze.”- Ryan Glasspiegel,

According to Parker Branton (@ParkerBranton) September 12, 2022, “Witnesses say a grill was left on from tailgating.”

A man named Scott Dellorfano, Patriots fan, and past owner of an 2019 Mercedes-Benz S63 was quoted saying that he couldn’t see the smoke, nor was he aware that his car and $3,000 in cash were being torched in the inferno. “It was burnt to the ground … It was just gone, the wheels were gone, there was nothing left,” he said.

The Miamia Dade Police Department and Miami Dade Fire Rescue were the responders at the scene. After the fire was fully extinguished, no injuries were reported, and the fire is still being investigated.

Cars Set On Fire After Grill Is Left Under a Car
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