Jumbo Jet plane Refurbished for the First Ever Satellite Launch in Cornwall, England on Jan 9.

Picture from CNN

Rocket to launch the satiltes

Monica Veach, Staff Writer

A total of eight years was spent on the Cornwall project, a paraphrased version of what Melisa Thorpe, head of Spaceport in Cornwall had quoted in an article by BBC news (Tuesday January 10, 2023) by By Rebecca Morelle and Jonathan Amos. The 747 jumbo jet, nicknamed “Cosmic girl,” was supposed to launch a rocket across the Atlantic to put nine satellites into space. The satellites were tucked under the wings and were going to be launched through the LanucherOne rocket.  The launch of said satellites, however, did not occur. The project produced a minor setback. In an article written by Tom Acres, a technology reporter, in Newquay says, “The Launcher One craft was taken skyward under the wing of an old Boeing 747 dubbed Cosmic Girl, but fell short in its quest to deploy satellites into orbit.”

picture taken form 2news
“Cosmic girl getting ready for flight


Information on why the attempt of this did not go as planned is still being looked into by Christopher Relf, the director of systems engineering and verification for Virgin Orbit (the name of the project) explained by a CNN article (Monday, January 9, 2023). It is known that the rocket detached from the “Cosmic Girl” and fell 35,000ft above the Atlantic Ocean, off Ireland’s southern coast, just before the time of 11.15 pm. This was brought forth by By Tom Acres, a technology reporter, in Newquayin his article titled UK space launch crew say they’re ‘gutted’ after historic mission suffers an ‘anomaly’ (Tuesday, 10 January 2023). 

Whether or not Cornwall is planning to produce another launch in the future is unknown. Despite the failed launch attempt, the Virgin Orbit, the original name of the jumbo jet, the launch is still a very important event.