The Suspect Behind the Murder of 4 Idaho College Students is Caught

Bryan Kohberger has Been Arrested After he Made “Mistakes at the Crime Scene”


An image of Bryan Kohberger from CNN.

Henry Colley-Lambright, Staff Writer

On November 13, 2022, 4 students at the University of Idaho were murdered in their home in Moscow, Idaho. The crime scene was gruesome with blood splattered across the walls and several stab wounds on each victim’s body. The disturbing crime may have seemed like the perfect crime, but it really wasn’t, since the police made an arrest.

Bryan Kohberger was taken into custody on December 30, 2022, according to CNN, and according to New York Post’s Olivia Land; Kohberger made several ‘amateur’ mistakes that led to his arrest. He left his knife sheath at the scene, forgot to turn off his phone when he was stalking the victim’s house and left a witness at the scene.

An image of the victims from CNN.

Kohberger’s knife sheath gave investigators the DNA of the killer. They took clothing out of the trash of his father and compared it to the knife’s DNA. The test concluded that Kohbereger’s father was the father of the killer.

Kohberger also apparently visited the victims’ homes before the night he murdered them. His mistake was not turning off his phone when staking out the house. He did make sure to turn off his phone before he went to murder the students.

This witness called D.M. saw a man with “bushy eyebrows” walk past her and out a sliding door in the middle of the night. This witness’s account was not released to the press until Kohberger was arrested, as reported by CNN.

Thanks to the investigators who worked hard to track down the killer, Kohberger is no longer out in the world, possibly plotting another murder. Kohbergers hearings will begin on January 26 according to CNN. Justice will be served and the murderer of these four students will be put away to ensure that he will never hurt someone again.