Brooklyn Nets Swept

On April 22nd the  Philadelphia 76ers became the first team to advance to the Eastern-Conference Second round sweeping the Brooklyn Nets in the first round.

Brody Jones

So in game 1 the 76ers blew out the Nets 101-121 with the Nets getting shut down Defensively letting the 76ers shoot 16/16 on FT (Free throws). The Nets highest scorer of this game being Mikal Bridges scoring 30 points   Grabbing 5 boards and getting 1 assist. While the 76ers had 3 of their starters scoring more than 20 points while the Nets  only had 1 score more than 20 and 3 scoring more than 10. The scorers on the 76ers were Tobias Harris 21 Points, 4 assist and rebound), Joel Embiid 26 points,3 assist and 4 rebounds, and James Harden with 23 points, 13 assists and 3 rebounds. The 76ers definitely owned the Nets this game but now onto game 2.

Game 2 was another blowout but not as bad as game 1. An 84-96 game this game was a dominant game for the 76ers in the paint, getting 56 total rebounds compared to the Nets with a total of 33. The 76ers also had 46 points in the paint with 7 blocks as well. So onto the player stats Brooklyn’s best player was definitely Mikal Bridges again, scoring 21 points getting 5 rebounds and 7 assists. The Nets also had another player score 20+ points with that player being Cameron Johnson. Johnson scored 28 points and got 4 rebounds and 1 assist in the loss. On the other side of the court the 76ers player stats were much more impressive again. The highest scorer in game 2 for the 76ers is tyrese Maxey, he scored 33 points and got 3 rebounds. The 76ers had 2 other players score 20 points and they were Tobias Harris with 20 points, 2 assists and 12 rebounds. They also had Joel Embiid with 20 points 19 rebounds and 7 assists. Next is game 3

Game 3 was the closest game in the whole series with the 76ers only winning by 5 points. The game was even all the way through, the 76ers only really won the game because of their 3-point shooting, making 13/31 3-point shots. The best player for the Nets in this game was definitely Mikal Bridges, he scored 26 points , got 6 rebounds, and 5 assists in the game. There was only 1 other player to score more that 20 points and the rest either score under 10 or just under 20, the players to score under 20 were, Cameron Johnson with 17 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assist. The next player was Nic Claxton, he scored 18 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. The other player to score more than 20 was Spencer Dinwiddie, he scored 20 points, 7 assists and 3 rebounds. The 76ers player to score above 20 was Tyrese Maxey with 25 points, 3 assists and 3 rebounds. The last player was James Harden, he scored 21 points and got 5 rebounds with 4 assists. Finally the next players to score under 20. The players were Tobias Harris with 15 points, 1 assist and 7 rebounds. Second player was Joel Embiid, he scored 14 points, got 2 assists and got 10 boards. Last player to score under 20 was De’Anthony Melton, he scored 13 points, got 1 assist and grabbed 2 rebounds. Now its onto the final game of the series, game 4.

 This is the only game that the 76ers didn’t have Joel Embiid playing but they still pulled through with the win. The 3-pointers didn’t win the 76ers this game, it was the fact that they are so dominant in the paint. The 76ers had 46 points in the paint and got 54 total rebounds. The best player on the Nets this game was Spencer Dinwiddie, he was the highest scorer on the Nets with 20 points, got 6 assists and grabbed 3 boards. The Nets also had no one else scoring above 20 points but there was players close to it. There was Nic Claxton, he scored 19 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and got an assist. Also Mikal Bridges, he had 17 points with 5 rebounds and 3 assists. And finally Camron Johnson, he had a double double that night with 11 points and 10 rebounds, he also had 4 assists. Onto the other side of the ball the 76ers best player had to be Tobias Harris, he was the highest scoring player with 25 points, 12 rebounds and 1 assist. The other 76ers who played great was James Harden, he had a double double, scoring 17 points, grabbing 8 rebounds and had 11 assists. Then Tyrese Maxey, he had 15 points, 8 rebounds and 1 assist . Lastly there was De’Anthony Melton, he scored 15 points in the win and grabbed 2 boards and had 2 assists. Series over.

In the end the Nets were simply overplayed every single game and they were just dominated. Even in the regular season the 76ers won each game and won one of the four games by 29 points. So the 76ers stay undefeated by the Nets in the regular season and post season. 

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