Welcome to Surge


Enzo Libertini, News and Entertainment Editor

Surge: A sudden rush or burst of current or voltage.

The internet is one of the biggest things to ever happen to our species. It started out as a blank canvas and stayed that way until it was ready to go live, and now much like the internet itself, Surge has just gone live.

The internet has been decorated by us all. Whether it was through Twitter posts, snap chats, or selfies, we have all left our mark on cyberspace. The internet was as much a cultural milestone as it was a scientific one. It has given almost everyone in the world a level playing field to be creative, and do something all their own.

Right now you’re reading this article, either for a school assignment or just because, and you are reading it on the internet. What will you do next I wonder? Will you go to another class and do an activity on an Ipad? Or will you just close out of our site and watch a Youtube video? Maybe you just got a text on your phone and looked down for a moment. Everyone is connected twenty-four/seven, and so we asked ourselves, ‘why isn’t our paper?’ Yeah, we kind of had a website before, but it was nothing special. Now we are going all out with a professionally built site that will bring you new stories every week. No longer will you have to set your smartphone aside to read the school paper. No longer will you have to tolerate the out of date relic that is newsprint, and no longer will you not always be sure what is going on. The T-Bolt Tribune was the overly happy grandpa that you weren’t excited to see but put up with anyway. Surge is your cool cousin that you look up to because he does cool adult stuff.  Like a majestic phoenix reborn from the ashes of its former self, we have emerged new with a fresh paper whose home is on the internet. We will do everything journalism has always done, but this time at the speed of the world wide web. We are high school students, and if there’s anything we love doing, it’s taking what our predecessors did and completely remaking it.

We have re-made ourselves for you, and we have no intention of ever letting you down. We are students like you, and we will never allow those who reign above us to go unchecked. We are the truth tellers, and you are the forces of youth. So let this be said with the greatest of enthusiasm: Welcome to northmontthunder.com.