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New Bolt Shop Opens at the High School


Senior Kellen O’Shea admires the merchandise

Lillian Broyles, Staff Writer

Northmont High School now has its very own school supply and spirit wear store with the official opening of the Bolt Shop this year.

“I like the Bolt Shop because it provides a source to get clothes for football games,” said freshman Karolena Sibert.

Pencils, pens, Northmont spirit gear, and even giant gorillas are sold at the Bolt Shop. Cash and checks are currently accepted, and the staff is working on offering a credit/debit card option. The 2016 yearbooks are also being distributed from the store.

“The Bolt Shop can help students represent their school,” said freshman Josh Keeble. 

DECA members staff the Bolt Shop, and receive a grade from marketing teacher Mr. Eric Wagner.

“I think the Bolt Shop makes Northmont unique,” said sophomore Andrew Hansen.

The Bolt Shop is located inside Door 11, and is open before first period and through the school day. The store is also open during all athletic events held in the Thunderdome.