Part of the Pit Crew

The Alexis Adams Story


Senior Alexis Adams spends time with one of her foster puppies.

Madison Harris, Staff Writer

Senior Alexis Adams is part of a pit crew, but it doesn’t have anything to do with motorsports.

Adams and her family foster dogs, often pit bulls, with the Miami Valley Pit Crew (MVPC). They provide a loving, stable home for the rescued animals while they await adoption by their forever family. Rescue dogs often come from situations where they’ve been neglected or abused.

“We started fostering in November of last year, so my family has been doing it for about a year and so far we have fostered sixteen dogs,” said Adams.

Adams’ mom, Nikki, wanted to help dogs in need. She thought that by fostering dogs, their family was doing their part. Mrs. Adams is a Northmont employee.

While Adams and her family don’t get to keep the puppies, they care for the animals until they are adopted into a home which has been carefully vetted by the MVPC.

“Fostering these pit bulls makes me happy and sad at the same time. Sad because I create such a strong bond with them and I don’t get to keep them, but happy because it makes me happy to know they are going into a good home and in good hands,” said Adams. “The challenges of fostering dogs is not knowing the puppies’ background, like what they’ve been through or where they came from, but I will continue to foster pit bulls, even if there are  challenges.”

The 18-year-old  believes that people should consider fostering because it makes a difference.

“If anyone is interested or wants to help out they should get in contact with Miami Valley Pit Crew and start there, said Adams.

While the Miami Valley Pit Crew saves animals of all sizes, ages, and breeds, most of the dogs they rescue are pit bulls, which are exposed to abuse and neglect more than any other type of dog (The Chicago Tribune).

MVPC’s mission is “to cultivate an understanding of the American Pit Bull Terrier through positive education and example…and change the misinformed minds of society one dog at a time.” The organization has a website with more information for people who are interested in fostering, donating, or adopting.