What You Need to Know: The Election

Rundown of the Results of November 7 Election


Ohioans and others vote on a myriad of issues (courtesy of Cleveland.com).

Samantha Street, Staff Writer

Election day was Tuesday, November 7 and many different issues were on the ballot across the country. Clayton elected a new mayor, Issue 2 failed to pass, and New Jersey and Virginia elected new governors.

Locally, Clayton Mayor Joyce Deitering was defeated by a narrow margin of 31 votes by Mike Stevens (Dayton Daily News). Stevens will take office January 1. Additionally, voters have decided to increase the funding of the MVCTC. The levy passed by a margin of 51 to 49. A levy supporting Clayton Fire EMS passed by a margin of fewer than one hundred votes (WHIO). These close elections remind voters that every vote counts and of the importance of local elections.

On the state level, Issue 1 passed and Issue 2 failed. Issue 1 is a law referred to as a Marsy’s Law and it would expand the rights of crime victims. This amendment to Ohio’s constitution would give victims and/or their families the rights to timely notification of all court proceedings, be present and heard at all court proceedings, a prompt conclusion of the case, refuse an interview or other requests made by the accused in most cases, notice when the accused is released or escapes, money from the convicted for harm caused, such as compensation for stolen items, and information about the services available to crime victims (WKYC). It passed with a margin of 82 to 17 (Ohio Elections Office). Meanwhile, Issue 2 failed by a margin of 21 to 79. Issue 2 would have required the state of Ohio to pay the same amount for prescription drugs as the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Supporters of the bill say that voters were confused by the wording of the bill and by political advertisements, while those against say that the bill would not have lowered drug prices for the majority of Ohioans.

Nationally, Democrat Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie for the governorship of Virginia. Also in Virginia, Danica Roem, a transgender woman, won an election for the state legislature against a Republican who proposed an anti-trans bathroom bill earlier this year and referred to himself as “chief homophobe.” Roem is the first openly trans person elected to a state legislature (Washington Post). In New Jersey, as former Republican presidential candidate Governor Chris Christie’s term ends, Republican Kim Guadagno was defeated by Democrat Phil Murphy (CNN). News sources have said that these elections look promising for Democrats who are already preparing for mid-term elections next year. They hope to gain a majority in the House in 2018.

These elections may set the tone for next year’s mid-terms, but these local and state elections will affect citizens now. These elections and issues can impact the daily lives of citizens.