Lights! Camera! Bag Check!

Protocols In Place at Local Movie Theaters


Sophomore Kyle Davis carries a bag that could be subject to search at local movie theaters.

Tiffany Wilson, Staff Writer

According to an August 20 report from the Associated Press, “Movie theater chain Regal Entertainment Group has begun to check bags in response to shootings at theaters around the country, a procedure it acknowledged on its website was ‘not without flaws’ and would inconvenience guests but provide better security.” The AP also reported the company’s website says “security issues have become a daily part of our lives in America” and bags and backpacks are subject to inspection before entering.

The company operates two local theaters: one in Beavercreek, and one in Deerfield Township in Warren County.


“That’s going to take waaay longer to get inside, especially if you show up a few minutes late and the lines are already long,” said senior Bradley Evans.

Others see the protocols as more than a time issue.

“It’s such an inconvenience. Now, no one can sneak food inside. It’s really unnecessary,” said senior Michael Bunch. “If someone looks suspicious, I’m pretty sure you would be able to tell.”

However, some think the policy is not strict enough.

“Keep security inside of the showing as well,” said junior Lauryn Lazenby, who feels security should also be inside the theater, where several shootings have occurred across the country.

Regardless of response to the new protocol, however, moviegoers will have to cooperate if they want to get inside the theater.