PETA Helps Freezing Dogs

Mistreated Dogs get Rescued

On Tuesday, January 6th, 2022, PETA and some animal rights groups discovered that dogs were being mistreated in Michigan, and they decided to help the dogs.

PETA stated that, after four days of our supporters calling and protesting around the clock, humane agencies have rescued every single dog from JRT John’s Jack Russell Terriers, John D. Jones’ Michigan breeding operation, where an undercover PETA investigator exposed that Jones mutilated the puppies he bred without pain relief and housed them in boxes with urine-soaked straw. Now, after a persistent PETA campaign, these dogs will finally be getting the safety and warmth that they desperately need.

Photo by Dog O Day
(A dog found at the facilities who is currently at the PETA sit-in).


Dog O Day also stated what the police found was absolutely horrific. Just to start out, they initially removed 34 adult dogs, as well as 7 puppies off of his property, many of which were just left outside in their pens – this week, the temperatures up in Michigan dropped to as low as minus 5 degrees during the time that they were there. The dogs are at the PETA sit-in and well be put up for adoption afterwards

Photo by PETA Investigations
One of the mistreated dogs found by PETA