BREAKING NEWS: Putin Claims Using Nuclear Weapons Isn’t Needed for the War Against Ukraine

Putin States There Are no Needs for Using Nuclear Weapons Against Ukraine and Biden Highly Doubts His Statement


Biden to hold solo press conference after Putin meeting: White House official

Robyn Churchman

On October 28, Joe Biden expressed his skepticism over Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s statements that Russia had “no need” to deploy such weapons into Ukraine.

Recently, there were some leaked statements of Putin claiming to use “any means possible” to take the land that Moscow had claimed. Most commonly, people have heard these statements including nuclear weapons against Ukraine. 

Currently Ukrainian residents have been ordered to limit their use of energy to control pre-planned blackouts so they can avoid uncontrolled power outages.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin continues to allege that Ukraine is preparing to use a radioactive “dirty bomb” on its own territory and blame it on Russia, a claim that Ukrainian and Western leaders denounce as baseless lies and a pretext to escalate the conflict.” CNBC states.

Due to these allegations, a team from the U.N’s international Atomic Energy Agency is issued to visit Ukraine’s nuclear power facilities, therefore Ukraine officials say this can disprove Russia’s claims.

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