Monterey Park Mass Shooting

Mass shooting happens in Monterey Park, California leaving 11 people dead


Surveillance footage of Huu Can Tran in Lai Lai Ballroom

Hannah Craft, Writer

On Saturday January 21st around a mass shooting happened in Monterey, California at Monterey Park. January 22nd is offically Lunar New Years and that’s when the shooting went into place for a second time by the same person. Law enforcement is still on the lookout for the suspect that killed many innocent civilians lives.


On Monday, January 23rd at approximately 6:07 p.m CNN.Com reports that law enforcement gave an update on the Monterey Park shooting that happened earlier that day. Sheriff Robert Luna from Los Angeles Police Department provided a update of the mass shooting. A search warrant was placed on the gunman, as well as a manhunt the night he opened fire inside of the Star Ballroom Dance studio on West Garvey on January 22nd at approximatly 10:20 pm. He killed 10 people inside the ballroom as well as wounding 10 others in the process of escaping. After leaving the scene of the Monterey Park dance studio, he entered the Lai Lai Ballroom a few miles away in Alhambra. The owners of the business were working the ticket office when Tran entered and they all immediately knew the man was in trouble.  Tsay, the man who owned the ballroom, says that Tran was silent and stoic and was seeming to be scouting the room.


The man wrestled the gunman after showing up at his family owned business Lai Lai Ballroom

They identified the suspect of the shooting as a 72 year old male named Huu Can Tran. Huu Can Tran died that night he was caught by self inflicting gunshot wound to the head near a strip mall that was located Sepulveda and Hawthorne boulevards in Torrence.