Winter Athletic Preview

A look at upcoming sports


Shelby Stephens takes a jump shot during the 2013-2014 season.

Cody Shuster, Sports Editor

After all the individual and team success of the fall varsity sports teams, the winter sports teams are looking to achieve their own success.

Girls Basketball:

Although the team went 5-17 in their 2013-2014 season, the girls basketball team has two returning team members, seniors Shelby Stephens and Doriann Carter, that received special mention last season and expected to be a force in the 2014-2015 season. The girls also went 3-7 in conference, but their records don’t reflect the amount of hard work put in by the team to face all of these tough opponents.

Boys Basketball:

Head Coach Collin Abels will be coaching his second year with the varsity boys basketball team, as they continue to try to gel under a new coach. The team will be looking to improve their record after going 1-9 in conference and 8-14 overall.


In addition to placing fourth in the conference meet and having multiple members in the top five of their weight class, the wrestling team had two first team all-conference winners with one of them, sophomore Chad Craft, returning. The team also had three first team all-division athletes (two will be returning this season, senior Dillon Edwards and Craft) and two second team all-division athletes (both will be returning this season, seniors Ryan Cloud and Cole Garretson). With this many returning athletes, the wrestling team will be looking to repeat their success in the upcoming 2014-2015 season.


Both the girls and boys swimming teams placed fifth in their division meets last season. The teams are looking to come back this season and face tough opponents, including Centerville, Beavercreek, and Fairmont, to battle them for a spot in the top three.

Boys Bowling:

In the 2013-2014 season, the boys bowling team had a lot of success. They went 9-1 in conference, 12-3 overall, placed second overall in the divisional championship, placed third in the conference championship, had a first team all-conference athlete, athlete of the year, two first team all-division athletes (one of them, sophomore Steve Kocher, will be returning this season), one second team all division athlete, and one team member who received special mention. Although they are losing a few team members, the boys bowling team hopes to bring all of that success from last season into this season.

Girls Bowling:

Although the team ended with a final record of 4-11 last season, the girls bowling team placed themselves in ninth place in the postseason tournament. Through their season, they faced opponents who later went on to win GWOC or the division. Junior Taylor Herchenbach was given special mention after the season. In conference games, Herchenbach placed 19th of 149 athletes for her highest match score of 244. With the 2014-2015 season right around the corner, the girls bowling team will be looking for a better result and hope to make it further into the postseason.


With an accomplishment that no other team can claim, the academic challenge team is hoping to win GWOC for the sixth year in a row. Since 2008, when the team went 7-4, the team has been undefeated in conference play and overall. Not only does the team limit their opponents to other area high schools, they challenge several different colleges around the nation. This past Saturday, the team defeated Michigan State University in the championship of a preseason tournament.The team’s coach, social studies teacher and Northmont alum Mr. David Jones, received coach of the year, while senior Sam Blizzard and junior Meghan Jenkins received first team all-division, sophomore Kara Combs received second team all-division, and sophomore Rylee Fitzgerald received special mention. With a team full of returning members and a highly successful preseason so far, the academic challenge team looks to keep the success and tradition alive in this upcoming season.