The New NBA

An Eventful Offseason Excites Fans for Upcoming NBA Season



Le’Bron James Looking Forward to The Lakers New Beginnings

Justin Artz, Staff Writer

With the 2019-2020 NBA season approaching, fans are raging with excitement for the year to start. The NBA made major sports headlines in the offseason with the amount of all-star trades that were made.

The offseason started with the Golden State Warriors losing their star small forward, Kevin Durant. Durant won NBA finals MVP in back to back years. Durant joined the Brooklyn Nets with the Boston Celtics ex point guard Kyrie Irving, who was also an NBA champion in 2016. Multiple trades of this standard were made within weeks of each other. Players like Jimmy Butler, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Paul George, Chris Paul, 2019 NBA finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and more (Bleacher Report). These moves have caused a lot of anticipation for the year.

”I’m very excited to watch James Harden and Russell Westbrook team up in Huston,” said junior Jared Mitchell. “For the first time in years the NBA is now extremely competitive, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.”

Currently the NFL and NSL hold the highest viewership ratings (, but this year the NBA is predicted to sky rocket in ratings due to the recently polished up league.

”I’m honestly more excited for the NBA to start, in my opinion it’ll be a lot more entertaining than the NFL,” said senior Jeff Ullery.

Starting on October 22, pro basketball will officially be starting backup again, except this year’s anticipation is higher than it’s been in the recent years. Fans are excited to see how the 63rd NBA season unfolds.